Antoine Woods Jr

A Tennessee kid who started as a programmer.. became a brand strategist.. and grew into venture capital

I’m a 3x founder who currently spends his time mentoring, connecting, coaching, and investing in early-stage startups.

When I’m not operating Vertical404, I’m enjoying time with my family, over-consuming content, and writing about topics that interests me.

My Interests

A Few Random Thoughts

My unsolicited thoughts on startups, branding, venture capital, and all things entrepreneurship.


What is brand positioning?

It's become commonplace to hear individuals mention how things are either "good or bad" for their brands. This statement applies to entertainers, athletes, business professionals, social media stars, and the…
August 13, 2018

Booking + Contact

Whether it’s in regards to coaching, investing, speaking, or just a simple hello… I’m not too hard to find, just shoot me a message!

Speaking Topics

Launching & Scaling SaaS
Foundations of Brand Building
Diversity in Technology & Venture Capital
Entrepreneurial Development