Antoine Woods Jr

A Tennessee kid who started as a programmer.. became a brand strategist.. and grew into venture capital

I’m a 3x founder who currently spends his time mentoring, connecting, coaching, and investing in early-stage startups.

When I’m not operating Vertical404, I’m enjoying time with my family, over-consuming content, and writing about topics that interests me.

My Interests

A Few Random Thoughts

My unsolicited thoughts on startups, branding, venture capital, and all things entrepreneurship.


The Fairytale Brand

The phrase “Once upon a time” has been an opening narrative to some of history’s greatest fairytales, and is a phrase befitting of introducing the story of those business leaders…
May 25, 2019

Booking + Contact

Whether it’s in regards to coaching, investing, speaking, or just a simple hello… I’m not too hard to find, just shoot me a message!

Speaking Topics

Launching & Scaling SaaS
Foundations of Brand Building
Diversity in Technology & Venture Capital
Entrepreneurial Development